Chamber Restored, Reopened

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DENVER - Sept. 16, 2019 - This summer, the Capitol's Old Supreme Court Chamber reopened after an extensive restoration that brought it back to its original historic look while improving technical capabilities.

A lower dais was constructed, additional adjustable seating was installed, and the sloped floor was leveled out and re-carpeted. A/V and acoustical updates have improved the functionality of this historic room. Additionally, as in the House and Senate Chamber restorations, stencil was uncovered and re-painted.

Historically, the Capitol housed all three branches of state government before the Colorado Supreme Court moved into their own building in the 1970s. Today, the historic chamber is used for meetings and legislative hearings.

Two photos of the updated decor in the chamber. One shows the entire room and the other shows a marble pedestal with a lamp on top and the restored ceiling panels beyond it.

Photos by Jeanette Chapman

An image on top shows modern day restoration efforts make the chambers look like the archival photo below it.

Above, photo by Jeanette Chapman. Below, Historic photo courtesy of Colorado Historical Society.