The east entrance of the capitol building showing a statue of a bison and a native american

The Colorado State Capitol is constantly undergoing restoration, upgrades and renovations to help maintain the century-old building. These important projects have various funding sources, project managers and partners involved. Click on each to learn more about the specific project details.

  • Dome Restoration ProjectThe capitol dome restoration project corrected more than a century of deterioration to the cast iron tower structure supporting the iconic gold dome, as well as the copper plates and gold leaf that cover the iconic dome.
  • Life/Safety ProjectThe life /safety project was a multi-phase upgrade to mechanical and other systems throughout the capitol making it more compliant with current safety and accessibility standards.
  • Chambers Restoration ProjectThe Colorado Legislature authorized a three-phase project beginning in 2014 to restore both the House and Senate chambers to their historic appearance that was lost to earlier remodeling projects.
  • Geothermal ProjectThe Colorado State Capitol is the first state capitol in the country to boast both heating and cooling by geothermal power. Circulating groundwater is used to reduce heating and cooling costs for the building while maintaining its historic integrity.